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Unconsciousness by Grace Angel

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watercolour painting on Archers paper

59.4 CM X 84.1 CM

Unconsciousness is known as the state of being unconscious and  unaware. The notion of neutrality is often associated as a means of achieving the aim of understanding the unconscious. Neutrality can also stand on the beliefs that something bad is not  necessarily bad and something good is not necessarily good as well. A painting that portrays both the good and the bad. The portrait itself symbolizes us as a human being that has been  tainted and filled with negative thoughts yet still surrounded by lots of flowers and butterflies that symbolise life, growth, and hope. Life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies but no matter how hard the situation is, having hope and seeking out to it is what matters most

  • Height: 59 cm\nWidth: 84 cm
  • Frame Not included
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Grace Angel


Grace Angel (b. 1999, Indonesia) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Singapore. Grace is a graduate with a degree Honours in Fine Art Practice from NAFA in partnership with UCLan. As a practicing artist and printmaker, her works often explore the notion of human nature and the beauty in their imperfections. In her current interest, she focuses more on restoring the lost and forgotten memories found in the society’s mundaneness. Looking into the thematic exploration of both inhabited and abandoned spaces and slowly moving into tackling the complex issues of abandonment and memory in the present’s context. Often characterised by her use of symbolism and juxtapositional composition in her works, she has been able to examine the context of her interest in different experiences of drawing, painting, printmaking, and also installations.

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