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There is much that words fail to say by Khaitama D. Sun

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How far I have traveled. Through countless dimensions.
Multiverses. Timelines.
To produce a page of encoded wisdom for the weary Eye that sees.
To the Eye that is clear is the message to bear.

So Read!
Do not think to find meaning.
Feel the meaning.
Arise within you.
Engage with yourself to understand the self that is external.
To understand the self that is internal is to engage with yourself.

Everything is connected.
In every chaos there is order.
No matter how small that order be.
The order that be binds us all.

In ways that are linear. In ways that are perpendicular.
In ways that are curved. In ways that intersect.
In ways that are rough. In ways that are smooth.

In ways are ways.
Layers upon layers.
Laterally and spatially and chronologically.
Retrocausally and causally.


So Read!

What is a painting to one is an essay to another.
What is a song to one is a movie to another.
For any piece of expression.
Words are not the definite article.

There is much that words fail to say.
Just as strokes are equally hard to communicate.
But by bringing them both together.
In harmonious duality with each other.
Is a system of self-reliancy.
Two distinct halves coming together for a unified whole.

  • 120cm x 90cm

SGD 1,000.00

Khaitama D. Sun


Inter-disciplinary artist Khairul Anwar Bin Fazlur Rahman aka 'Khaitama D. Sun' works with percussion and visual arts - coined 'Playnting' - and has performed and showcased his work in Berlin, Bangkok, Olongapo and Singapore. Since 2016, he has experience in working with youths-at-risk, people with special needs, cultural and inter-faith communities. Khaitama devises participatory events as artist and facilitator to inspire and empower people via rhythms of self, sound and colour for unity. 

Founder of the 'Playnting' technique and philosophy, Khaitama visualises rhythm by simultaneously creating music and painting an artwork with drumsticks. 

Playnting is "Visualising the Rhythm of Art, Internal Self and External World"!

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