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The Matter of Perspective by Ridhuan .

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Acrylic on canvas
61 x 76 cm
How conscious are we of our vision? The struggles to change perspectives and the motivation to do so. We are beings that are driven by emotions. When we were young, our curiosity is  visually down within our surroundings. We get older; we look far ahead and ponder how big this creation is. Yet how certain are we that? What we are looking at is what we are seeing

  • Height: 61 cm\nWidth: 76 cm
  • Frame Not included
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Ridhuan .


Ridhuan is a Singapore-born self-taught artist who has enjoyed drawing and the creative sphere from a very young age. As an introvert with speech impediments, art has always been a wonder for him and naturally became an outlet for him to express himself. After long disruptions due to work commitments, he signed up for Basic Art Course at Lasalle and learned 2D & 3D and Batik. Around that time, under the tutelage of a Singapore ceramist/Visual Artist and art lecturer, Ridhuan learned the fundamentals of ceramics/pottery, sculpture and further understood art practices such as conceptual work and installation.

Pablo Picasso is his source of motivation for inventiveness. And for his contemporary realm, German artist and theorist, Joseph Beuys, is his inspiration. Ridhuan believes that art is borderless in terms of the diversity of materials that can be fashioned into a statement. Industrial components and discarded items are seen to be amongst his aspect of exploration. He approaches his 2D works quite poetically, while his 3D works deal with abstract artistry and logic. Often, he creates what echoes from his mind and objectifying the experiences of the world he lives in. To him, art is a progression which unfolds into a journey that evaluates the essence of life and the reflection of its existence.

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