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Privacy Policy

At #MeetArts maintaining privacy of  your personal information is one of our core corporate values. The information we collect and store from both buyers and sellers helps us to enhance your arts experience here at the #MeetArts website and mobile application (collectively the  “Platform”). This Privacy Policy is designed to provide you with a better understanding on how we collect, use and disclose, process the personal data you have provided to us throughout your entire journey with us at #MeetArts.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” or “personal data” mean data, whether true or not, that enable us to identify you personally from that data. Such personal data may include (but not limited to) your name, address, email address, date of birth, contact number, credit card information and all other information you have provided us.

By using our #MeetArts Platform, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to such processing of your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy, please do not utilize our services and Platform. If there are any changes made to our Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting the amended Privacy Policy onto our Platform. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time.

When Will #MeetArts Collect Your Personal Data?
#MeetArts will/may collect personal data about you:

  • when you use our services or Platform
  • when you create an account with us
  • when you submit any form, including, but not limited to, forms relating to our products and services whether it is digital or by the way of a physical form
  • when you carry out transactions through our services or Platform
  • when you interact with us, such as when filing complains or feedbacks through telephone calls (which may be recorded), letters, fax, social media platforms, emails and any physical meetings
  • when you use our services or Platform, cookies may be deployed
  • when you submit any of your personal data to us for any reason

The above is non-exhaustive and only shows some common instances of when personal data about you may be collected at #MeetArts.

What Personal Data Does #MeetArts Collect?
The personal data that #MeetArts may collect (but not limited to):

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Credit/debit card information or payment details
  • Gender
  • Photographs or audio or video recordings
  • Information about your network and the people/accounts you have interacted with
  • Government issued identification or other information required for us to identify verification or prevent fraud
  • Location data
  • Any other information you gave when you use our services or Platform or when you create  an account to use our services or Platform
  • Data on content you engage with

By using our services and Platform, you agree to not submit any information to us that is inaccurate or misleading and you agree to inform us if there are any such inaccuracies in the information you have provided. We reserve the right to require further documentation to verify the information you have provided.

Data Collected Automatically
(i) Server Statistics
Like many websites, your device automatically sends information to us which may include data about you whenever you use our services or Platform. This information may include (but not  limited to) your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, browser type, type and characteristic of the mobile device, the unique device identifier (UDID) or mobile equipment identifier (MEID) for your mobile device, the pages you visit on our services and Platform and the times of visit. Using our Platform may allow us to gain access to precise information about the location of your mobile device through GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. These data collected allow us to deliver relevant content to you based on your allocation or allow you to share your location to other users.

(ii) Cookies
A cookie is a text file that is assigned by a web server and stored on a user’s device to uniquely identify the browser on a particular device for record-keeping. #MeetArts uses cookies to collect aggregate information about how and when our services and Platform are used or visited, by how many users and other activity within our Platform. Cookies may also be authorized to be shared to our service providers and/or advertising partners to allow us or third parties to improve our services and Platform and/or enable us and the authorized third parties to present you with more relevant content and advertisements. Cookie information may also be linked to the user’s personal data. Cookies can link for example the items you have selected to purchase and/or the web pages you have viewed. This information is also used to keep track of your shopping basket, to deliver content specific to what you are interested in, to conduct data analysis and view the usage of our services.

How does #MeetArts use the information you provide us?
#MeetArts use the data we collect from the user in order to provide you with the best experience when using our services and Platform. We may collect, use, disclose and/or process your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

  •  for identification, verification, due diligence, or know your customer purposes
  • to enforce our Terms of Service
  • to process and/or consider your application and/or transaction when using our services and Platform
  • to administer, manage and/or operate your use and/or access to our services and Platform as well as your relationship and user account with us
  • to protect personal safety and the rights, property or safety of others
  • to contact or communicate with you via text message, voice call, email, postal mail or otherwise for the purpose of managing your relationship with us and your use of our services and Platform. By using our services and Platform, you acknowledge and agree that communications such as postal mail are allowed though there could involve a disclosure of certain personal data in order for the delivery to take place
  • to allow other users to connect with you and able to see some of your activities when using our services and Platform
  • to conduct data analysis and research such as, but not limited to, analyzing how you use our services and Platform in order to recommend products and/or services more relevant to your interests and to improve our services and Platform. By using our services and Platform, you acknowledge and agree that such statistics and research can be used for internal and statutory reporting and/or for record-keeping purposes
  • to respond to legal processes or to comply to any applicable law, governmental or regulatory requirements of any relevant jurisdiction or where we strongly believe that such disclosure is necessary
  • to respond to any claims asserted against #MeetArts or the third parties
  • any other purposes that we notify you to obtain your consent

By using our services and Platform, you acknowledge, agree and consent that #MeetArts may access, preserve and disclose your personal data within your account if required to do so. As the purposes for which we will/may collect, use, disclose or process your personal data depend on the situation, such purpose may not appear in the list above. #MeetArts has the sole discretion to utilize your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore. 

Who can see your personal data?
#MeetArts staff or the staff of third-party service providers may access and/or process your personal data. We take measures to ensure that third-parties who have access and/or process your personal data are acting lawfully in accordance with their role and are subject to appropriate confidentiality requirements.

How does #MeetArts look after your personal data?

We look for opportunities to minimize the amount of personal data we hold about you and when possible, we try to anonymize your personal data. We implement a wide range of security measures to ensure the security of the personal data you have entrusted us with on our systems. While your personal data is contained in secured networks and only accessible to a limited number of staff who have special access rights to the systems with the personal data, there is no guarantee of absolute security.

In accordance with the PDPA Act and/or any other applicable laws, we will destroy or anonymize your personal data in our systems if we determine that:

  • the personal data collected is no longer needed
  • retention of the personal data is no longer needed for any legal and/or business purposes
  • there are no other legitimate interests that warrant further retention of the personal data

By using our services and Platform, you acknowledge and agree that even if you cease using our services and Platform or your access has been terminated by us, we may continue storing, using and/or disclosing your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our obligations under the applicable laws. We may securely dispose of your personal data without prior notice to you.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions or suggestions with respect to this Privacy Policy, please email us at [email protected] or submit an enquiry through Contact Us.