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Only through Chaos can you find Order by Khaitama Playnting

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Medium: Acrylic Playnting on Canvas (drumsticks included)

Works of abstraction are meant to give the power of interpretation back to the viewer for the purpose of experiencing freedom; to create, interpret and narrate by your rules of subjectivity. In a world where much is constrained, I create for you chaos for you to define order. So what is your order? Have you found it yet?

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Khaitama Playnting


Founder of Playnting Private Limited and Creator of the 'Playnting' technique and philosophy, artist Khaitama paints an artwork with drumsticks and music in the background. He has performed locally, overseas, and even for President Halimah Yacob and President Tony Tan!

Playnting is "Visualising the Rhythm of Art, Internal Self and External World"!

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