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My Home #6 - Almost-Conversation by Yellow Ribbon VAH

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This is the last part of a series of six paintings I devoted to my home in Potong Pasir. I says senses are powerful faculties. They are preambles of our thoughts and then actions. The painting shows the internal structure of the ear. The ears receive babel emanating from the surroundings and permeating the tunnel of the ear system. Then how our mind process the barrage of voices? I think how a person dissects and distils the sound of voices and arrive at a conclusion is very much dependent on his or her life experiences. I drew the red line to represent the conduit that carries voices to my brain for interpretation. The red line has widened over the years as voices passing through it. Be it pleasant or unpleasing voices, my brain processes and interprets them quickly so as to react upon them. For example, I understood my dad’s tacit reply and it meant he was in bad mood and I should give him a wide berth. In another instance, I understood my grandfather’s interpretation of my speech by just a word and nod. In a nutshell, I believe if my dad would have given me his patience, time and a pair of good listening ears, perhaps Aniq is not in the prison’s statistics today.

  • 76 x 102 x 1.5 cm

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Yellow Ribbon VAH


In line with the Singapore Prison Service’s mission to rehabilitate offenders for a safer Singapore, the Visual Arts Hub (VAH) was set up in Changi Prison Complex in 2009. VAH aims to give every inmate artist a blank canvas to re-paint his life, nurture his artistic potential, encourage creative insights and facilitate a positive change in mindset. Through the visual arts programme offered at VAH, inmate artists have the opportunity to unlock their potential and contribute to the community in meaningful ways.

Yellow Ribbon Singapore is a statutory board under the Ministry of Home Affairs which helps inmates and ex-offenders rebuild their lives and lower the recidivism rate through career and skills development, with an effective aftercare support network. Through championing second chances and rehabilitating ex-offenders, Yellow Ribbon Singapore hopes to achieve a safer and more inclusive Singapore where inmates and ex-offenders are adequately supported in their rehabilitation and reintegration journey.

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