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Letters from Alice

Letters from Alice

✼ Letters from Alice .. Down Into the Rabbit Hole ✼
Follow Alice into a mystical realm where the sleepless dream and the lost wander in unison and absurdities dance in solace. What message would you like to hear? 

Letters from Alice is a narrative scrapbook-themed art intended for creative catharsis and deeper self-introspection for those seeking to reclaim a vibrant inner life and purpose. Accompanied by a set of thought-provoking and soul-searching cards, Letters from Alice provokes the raw psyche through boundless self-interpretative symbolism and messages. Each letter is personalised and mailed straight to your letterbox. 

Alice invites all who wander in a realm far from the concrete universe, into the obscured. Discover and tap into the untamed depths of your inner dimensions.
Directions: Find a cosy spot, away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. Turn on light music to reconnect with your inner peace. Light a candle and get into your zone.
Explore all subtleties within the letter. Interpret them with your most creative thought. The cards are intended to provoke deeper self-introspection and strengthen your self-affirmations. What parts of you can you work on? What are some of your gifts to be proud of? What are some of your fears and past mistakes to confront? What parts of you are long buried beneath, gnawing to resurface?

Embrace the absurdities.
Embrace the limitless possibilities.
You can only descend from here. ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼


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