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Magic Under The Sea by Kristina Sretkova

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Medium: Oil on linen

  • Height: 70 cm   Width: 70 cm

  • Frame not included
SGD 2,000.00

Kristina Sretkova

Master of Media-Design and Contemporary Artist KRISTINA SRETKOVA was born 1984 in Stockholm/Sweden, grows up international and has German and Bulgarian Nationality. She lives since 2000 in Germany. 2008 she graduated Master of Media-Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany. Art follows her whole life, Her teachers are worldwide honored painters. She has art lovers all around the world - in Europe, North and South America, Russia, Asia and Africa. Kristina is painting in Germany, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Kristina has so far 15 Awards, 24 solo exhibitions and 57 group exhibitions and is member of Société des Artistes Indépendants (Society of Independent Artists), Paris. Today she lives and works in Berlin.



"While I paint I focus on my inner world and listen to the inner voice by taking power, intuition, rhytm, intelligence and inspiration from my soul. Doing that I project my inner light on the canvas. As I feel the colours like different frequencies they cover areas, which are behind the real world we see. I want to deliver to the viewer joy, hope, optimism, gratitude, humor and the ability to love, a push to think about and just to feel!"


Kristina Sretkova



Of all of the shows taking place this year in NYC Sretkova’s work set the bar for abstraction in the 21st century.“

Rose Hobert, Winter 2012, USA


“...Sretkova is at the fore of contemporary European painting...”
Jill Smith, Summer 2011, USA





2015   Sandro Botticelli Award, Florence

2014   2nd Award for abstract painting, Art Week St. Petersburg

2014   1st Awars Award for abstract painting, Art Week Moscow

2013   3rd Award for abstract painting, Art Week Moscow

2013   3rd Award for Experimental Painting, Art Week Berlin

2013   Creator of the Year from “The Bulgarian Newspaper” in Cyprus 2012

2012   Honourable Mention for Artistic Merit, Chianciano

            International Art Award

2012   Honored Award from the European Cultural Circle, Baden-Baden

2012   1st and 2nd award for abstract painting,  Art Week Berlin

2011   Award for “Best of Show” , International Exhibition

            “Symphony of Colors”, Florence

2011   1st award for avant-garde painting, Russian Art Week, Moscow

2011  2nd award for abstract painting, Art Week Berlin

2011  1st and 3rd award for avant-garde painting, Bulgarian Art Week, Sofia




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