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Less Is More by Yellow Ribbon VAH

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Acrylic on canvas

61 x 91 cm

This painting is about my personal experience when I went to Agra, India and it is about the sub-culture-minimalism that less is always more. It is only when we do not have many things to ourselves, that is when we will learn to appreciate everything we've got minimalism occurs in especially poor countries and three quarters of the world are living in poverty. In the beginning, the earth was given to us for free, since when did we start  labeling and to differentiate ourselves between Rich and the Poor? This personal experience has taught me that it is a matter of what you need and not what you want.

  • Height: 61 cm\nWidth: 91 cm
  • Frame Not included
SGD 499.00

Yellow Ribbon VAH


In line with the Singapore Prison Service’s mission to rehabilitate offenders for a safer Singapore, the Visual Arts Hub (VAH) was set up in Changi Prison Complex in 2009. VAH aims to give every inmate artist a blank canvas to re-paint his life, nurture his artistic potential, encourage creative insights and facilitate a positive change in mindset. Through the visual arts programme offered at VAH, inmate artists have the opportunity to unlock their potential and contribute to the community in meaningful ways.

Yellow Ribbon Singapore is a statutory board under the Ministry of Home Affairs which helps inmates and ex-offenders rebuild their lives and lower the recidivism rate through career and skills development, with an effective aftercare support network. Through championing second chances and rehabilitating ex-offenders, Yellow Ribbon Singapore hopes to achieve a safer and more inclusive Singapore where inmates and ex-offenders are adequately supported in their rehabilitation and reintegration journey.

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