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Doctor, I’m not a Stranger to Rock and Roll by Khaitama D. Sun

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Medium: Acrylic Playnting on canvas

Description: Part of my Marvel Heroes Tribute series, this is one of my most personal artworks showcasing to a great extent the skill and art of painting only with drumsticks. As the creator and founder of the ‘Playnting’ technique and philosophy of visualising rhythm of internal self and external world, many have likened me to a wizard or a sorcerer who transforms music into visual art. With metal and rock as my go-to genre of music, I resonate with the hard hitting drum beats and aggressive guitar rifts to my own temperament which I eloquently transferred to the canvas with only drumsticks and paint. You may take this as a self-portrait of myself as I see myself as Doctor Strange and use my art form as a cathartic release to purify my anger and frustrations into an iconic symbol known to many as one who protects the world from evil and demonic forces - just as how I protect myself from my own evil and demons through my innovative art form. May this piece be a reminder for you that even you have the power to be your own sorcerer. To empower you to seize control over your negativity and transform it into positivity. To be your own solution to your own ailments. With me rocking out to you. That’s so metal bro.

(Drumsticks included with painting)

  • 101cm x 76cm

SGD 3,333.00

Khaitama D. Sun


Inter-disciplinary artist Khairul Anwar Bin Fazlur Rahman aka 'Khaitama D. Sun' works with percussion and visual arts - coined 'Playnting' - and has performed and showcased his work in Berlin, Bangkok, Olongapo and Singapore. Since 2016, he has experience in working with youths-at-risk, people with special needs, cultural and inter-faith communities. Khaitama devises participatory events as artist and facilitator to inspire and empower people via rhythms of self, sound and colour for unity. 

Founder of the 'Playnting' technique and philosophy, Khaitama visualises rhythm by simultaneously creating music and painting an artwork with drumsticks. 

Playnting is "Visualising the Rhythm of Art, Internal Self and External World"!

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