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Dancing in my dream by Chloe C

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oil on canvas

300 x 400 mm

Dancing In Your Dream depicts a dancer gracefully gliding across the stage, their movements perfectly in sync as they perform a series of elegant lifts and turns, moving with such grace and elegance, it's almost as if the dancer is floating in the air. The use of powder adds an extra element of creativity and artistry to the performance as the dancers use it to create stunning visual effects. The monochromatic colour in this painting brings out the mood on stage, the powder seems to fall like snow as they move, creating a sense of lightness and ethereal beauty. The background of the painting is filled with swirling clouds and a soft, hazy glow, adding to the dream-like quality of the scene. Overall, the painting captures the beauty and elegance of ballet, and serves as a tribute to the art form. 

  • Height: 40 cm\nWidth: 30 cm
  • Frame Not included
SGD 1,108.00

Chloe C


Chloe is an artist based in Singapore. While she initially held a Bachelor degree of Logistics and Supply Chain, she never gave up her passion in art and eventually pursued Fine Arts in NAFA. As an artist, Chloe aims to evoke a sense of melancholy through her work, exploring the ambiguity of human relationships and the fleetingness of memories and emotions. Her paintings are created with fine brushstrokes, often abstract in nature. Chloe’s use of vibrant colours and the inclusion of flowers in her works serve to emphasise the depiction of animals within their natural environments. Through her use of acrylic and oil paints, she is able to capture the complexities of these themes and bring them to life on the canvas. Her goal as an artist is to create works that not only visually impress, but also provoke thought and introspection. By exploring the intricate and often turbulent relationships between humans and the natural world, she hopes to inspire a greater appreciation and understanding of our place within it.

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