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Strawberries by Kaini Zhang

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12 x 16 inches

This painting utilises contrast, colours and shapes to create an abstract representation of strawberries. Against the muted background which is painted in a blur of colour, the bright red strawberries are drawn with well-defined lines, creating a sharp image that brings attention to them. Geometric shapes cut through the blur of the backdrop, once again playing with contrast to bring an interesting piece.

  • Height: 12 inches         Width: 16 inches

  • Frame not included
SGD 904.00

Kaini Zhang


Kaini was a Chinese language teacher before she met with a car accident which caused her to be paralysed from her shoulders down. She resolved not to allow herself to sink into a state of depression but to move on. She started to hold the brush between her teeth and taught herself to paint in 2006. Her paintings usually feature harmonious elements in nature depicted in bright, cheerful colours. Kaini is currently with the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Worldwide. She has participated in many exhibitions and has also been interviewed by both local and overseas media numerous times. Her artworks are printed into cards and calendars which are distributed all over the world. In between doing all this, she has also given motivational talks in schools and hospitals to encourage others. Through her active participation in life and art, she hopes society at large will take notice and care more for physically challenged citizens like her.

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