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Bowler Playing Bowling Digital Art by Adeline Yeo

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Bowler Playing Bowling Digital Art is about a bowler playing bowling at the bowling  alley. He was skilled in his bowling skills and has been practising very often in his  favourite blowing centre. It’s a 8k resolution holographic astral cosmic illustration mixed  media. 

SGD 1,073.50

Adeline Yeo


Adeline Yeo is an indie musician, freelance music composer, producer, and digital artist from Singapore. With no prior formal musical knowledge and experience, she stumbled upon a new music program and began her music compositions in her indie music journey. As she continues her composing and practising of her crafts, she was able to produce beautiful melodies. As an artist, she is passionate about her musical and digital arts and values her art more than anything else. She feels that her music and digital arts brighten up her life and hopes to share it with others.

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