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Bound by Mary H

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48 x 36 in

In this self portrait, the figure is both turning away and reaching out. The figure hangs alone and unmoored in a cloudy void. The space is misty and indistinct, and the figure fades between strong stamped silhouette and gentle blur. Lines warp, distort, and restrict the figure, providing a flow that counters the foreshortened movement. The same lines parallel the body’s lines: hidden geometry, creating a sense of glitch beyond the distortion that the lines are composed of, as if the figure were adhering to a hidden framework.

  • Height: 122 cm\nWidth: 91 cm
  • Frame Not included
SGD 475.00

Mary H

United States

Mary Holder is a current student of the University of Michigan, studying illustration, graphic design, and linguistics. She is an experienced observational painter, working in acrylic, oil, and watercolor, as well as charcoal and graphite. Her recent work has focused on collaborative projects, working across disciplines to create large-scale endeavors, such as geodesic structures and virtual reality experiences. She aims to inform, enthuse, and engage viewers, and create new appreciation for unconsidered aspects of the world around us.

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