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Autumn Light by Samantha .

Landscape Share


acrylic on canvas

46 x 61 cm

This piece is a scene from Autumn in Miyajima, Japan. I had visited this place after the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and the somber mood and sad feelings dissipated as I basked in the warm autumn sunlight on this sacred island that is known to be a Shinto shrine in itself, where till today no birth or death is allowed on the island. It is with hope that this scene can bring you some hope, warmth and peace. There's no rush. Just like the seasons, we pass from winter to spring, to summer, and hopefully by Autumn, as we look out from the shadows, the warm colours would beckon to us, to finally step out into the light.


  • Height: 46 cm\nWidth: 61 cm
  • Frame Not included
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Samantha .


I've always loved art as a child, but it was only in 2007, that I took a 3-month oil painting course at NAFA and met Mr Low Kim Chit, and proceeded to take more lessons from him over a year. This started my real love for canvas painting (using acrylic). Fast forward to 2017, almost a decade later - I was finding myself burnt out at work, wondering what I could do in life, and I decided to come back to painting. Since then, I’ve found greater fulfillment in life, firstly through reconnecting with my love for painting from my younger days, and second, I see art now as a means to know myself and discover new ways of thinking. Art challenges me to see if I can do something differently each time I start on a new piece. Besides the challenges, it is also pleasure. I find myself wanting to capture the beauty of a scene, just like photography – to immortalise it. I don’t quite believe that art must always have a message, to me it is simply capturing beauty for beauty’s sake. Now working as a freelance social media marketeer, I make time in between and dabble with acrylic and watercolour. My art style is realistic and I love the interplay of light and shadow, as well as scenes of nature. I believe that by sharing my love for art, I can inspire others with the joy and beauty that art brings. It’s an identity I’d like to grow old with.

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