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#MeetArts Art In Action 2024



Inspired by Britain's Art in Action festival at Waterperry Gardens and Singapore's Arts in Your Neighbourhood by the National Arts Council, #MeetArts hosted our very own Art in Action carnival completely virtual. Through Art in Action, we strive to strengthen community bonds, spark interest in the arts and showcase emerging artists in Singapore. We feature 59 different pieces in our virtual gallery available. Also featured includes a pottery workshop, acrylic pour demonstration and a welcome speech from our Guest of Honour, Mr. Eric Chua, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development, and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

DATE: 28 June, 2024 - 28 July, 2024


LINK: Virtual Art Gallery



Carnival Trailer

Guest of Honour Speech

AIA Guest of Honour, Mr Eric Chua

Senior Parliamentary Secretary

Ministry of Social and Family Development

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Art Works

Welcome to our virtual gallery, showcasing an impressive collection of artworks created by 13 talented artists. The diverse range of art includes pieces done in oil, acrylic, mixed media, charcoal, prints, and more. We are proud to have collaborated with the Singapore Prison Service and the Singapore Association of Mental Health to bring this exhibition to life.


Painted by Komaladi Miliati

Art Demo


Join Alan Tan as he shows us how he does his acrylic pour art on canvas.




Pottery Workshop

Greta Lovci-Leishear throws two pots

Pottery is an ancient and tactile art form that has been cherished for centuries. It involves shaping and molding clay by hand, allowing artisans to create both functional and decorative pieces. Working with clay can be a therapeutic experience, helping to reduce stress and promote mental well-being. In this session, Greta demonstrates the intricacies of throwing two distinct pot shapes on the wheel, sharing her expert techniques and tips.


Artists Engagement Event

Instagram Challenge