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All are worthy - regardless of language by Khaitama D. Sun

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Medium: Oil Pastel and Charcoal on canvas

Description: To further showcase my aptitude at visualising rhythm for my Marvel Heroes Tribute series, I decided to switch from my modality of painting with drumsticks to using oil pastels and charcoal. Reason being the textural feel of continuous and abrupt linework brings about a different kind of rhythm and resultant catharsis of feelings. One could say I was visualising melody as opposed to rhythm as the swaying of my hands drawing the sound waves of what I felt internally. Many of which resembling ancient scripts yet are potentially even alien. The Voynich manuscript comes to mind. Indecipherable writings yet somehow still able to communicate something to the viewer. Whatever that is, is up to you. The only clarity is Thor’s hammer which many would know us having the quote “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” I believe everyone from every race from every language are worthy of being Thor. Hence why the writings may be insignificant noise to the definition of the hammer for you to wield dear viewer. You are powerful and strong. So pick up the hammer and be who you have always meant to be.

  • 91cm x 61cm

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Khaitama D. Sun


Inter-disciplinary artist Khairul Anwar Bin Fazlur Rahman aka 'Khaitama D. Sun' works with percussion and visual arts - coined 'Playnting' - and has performed and showcased his work in Berlin, Bangkok, Olongapo and Singapore. Since 2016, he has experience in working with youths-at-risk, people with special needs, cultural and inter-faith communities. Khaitama devises participatory events as artist and facilitator to inspire and empower people via rhythms of self, sound and colour for unity. 

Founder of the 'Playnting' technique and philosophy, Khaitama visualises rhythm by simultaneously creating music and painting an artwork with drumsticks. 

Playnting is "Visualising the Rhythm of Art, Internal Self and External World"!

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