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Abstract Nature: Fish, Flowers, and Leaves by Komaladi Miliati

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This abstract painting features four quadrants that blend fish, flowers, and leaves in dynamic interactions. Each quadrant presents a unique interpretation: one showcases vibrant fish swimming gracefully amid swirling currents with shimmering scales, while another bursts with abstract blooms in bold, geometric shapes suggesting lively motion. Delicate leaves unfold in a third quadrant, their intricate veins hinting at both fragility and resilience. Together, these elements create a harmonious composition of colors and shapes, inviting viewers to explore nature's beauty through an abstract perspective.

  • 18 x 24 in

SGD 701.00

Komaladi Miliati


The artist learned to paint independently and started exploring her artistic side while taking portrait drawing classes in high school. She continued painting for her own entertainment and occasional requests from family members after she entered university. The artist has been chairing her company's Arts and Crafts special interest group since mid-year 2018 and has coordinated a charity event related to pandemics. The artist’s painting "Me and My Imaginary World" was awarded a Silver Award from the Asian Art Association in a World Charity Painting Competition in 2021.

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