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About #MeetArts

Bridging Online and Real-Life Art Experiences

Join us in revolutionizing traditional Artspace through E-Commerce. Discover, Buy, and Sell artworks effortlessly while exploring captivating exhibitions. Experience our seamless online platform that connects you to our vibrant art community.

Our Mission

To Transform the Visual Arts Ecosystem for a Better Society

For the people

We empower visual artists and buyers by creating new opportunities that foster mutual growth and advancement.

For the system

We revolutionize on-site exhibitions into immersive digital experiences so as to empower artists to monetize their artworks efficiently.

For the product

We create concise, cutting-edge solutions within the arts ecosystem to connect artists with new audiences.

Our Vision

Forging a digital frontier to redefine artistic journeys globally

Our Values

To be consistent in our behavior to build trust with you

Whatever we promise, we will deliver.

To be the reliable e-platform for genuine and authentic artworks

Our artworks come with our buyer guarantee to ensure the authenticity of the artwork you are buying.

Customer value first, company value second

There wouldn’t be #MeetArts without you, therefore our top priority is to deliver customer value to enhance your art experience.

To do good and do well for the benefit of the arts community

Our vision is to create a better society for the arts ecosystem so as to enhance the community for happier and fulfilling lives.

To empower our employees to realize their full potential

We treasure our employees as they are the ones that are behind the success of #Meetarts. We believe in granting full empowerment to our employees to help them achieve their professional success.

To be flexible, nimble and agile

We aim to be flexible, nimble and agile in order to be innovative and proactive to adapt to the growing sector of arts.

Our Achievements

In February 2021, #MeetArts was one of the winners of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Resilience & Growth Innovation Challenge to create social impact to the arts community.

Since November 2022, #MeetArts is a member of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) to contribute to the development of the Social Enterprise sector in the provision of economic tools and services to the community.

On March 8 2023, #MeetArts is featured on a Wall Street Journal Article in collaboration with Alibaba!

In March 23 2023, #MeetArts was featured by Block71 Singapore. Block 71 works together with established businesses and government agencies to incubate startups. Since the program’s commencement in 2011, Block 71 has supported more than 600 startups, including Carousell.

On June 16 2023, #MeetArts' very first art carnival Art in Action was featured by Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报.

On August 2 2023, #MeetArts' CEO and founder Irene Chong was featured by Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in her work to bring social impact to the visual arts ecosystem through #MeetArts, with a honourable mention of our very first art exhibition.

Our Impact

You’re not just shopping anywhere, you’re shopping at #MeetArts

Shopping at #MeetArts isn’t just anywhere, we present you a world of arts made by unique artists all over the planet. Buying at #MeetArts not only makes your day but also gives joy to the people behind them as we centralize existing/potential and fragmented opportunities to exhibit and sell artworks.

To enable budding artists to monetize their works efficiently in a cost effective way

Through #MeetArts, our artists will be able to maximise the value of their artworks and profile their works in the most cost effective way. This will create a faster route to market with a peace of mind for #MeetArts to take care of the operational and promotional aspects of the art business.

We believe artists should connect to the world without boundaries

With our online platform, #MeetArts provides an accessible alternative to artists to interact with a variety of people and profile themselves better. We allow exhibitions and events to be shared more efficiently to enable fans to meet their favorite artists.

Being data driven improves your user experience

#MeetArts makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to adapt and improve our platform and services to ensure that you have a better experience with us.

Our Partners