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A Strange Trans-Dimensional Viewing by Khaitama D. Sun

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Medium: Mixed Media on canvas

Description: Continuing my exploration of my Marvel Heroes Tribute series, I purchased a Dr Strange comic book and intended to reform the structure of a comic book into a painting. Akin to how Dr Strange can alter the composition and structure of things, so did I in transmogrifying a book with several pages into a singular page painting - with the pages embedded within the Seal of the Vishanti - otherwise known as the “Window of the Worlds”. The reason for this is that each comic book panel is an entry into a different world. Into a different narrative. Yet contained within the symbol just as how the pages are contained within the comic book. The symbol acts as, if not is, the comic book itself. I wanted to allow the viewer to appreciate an alternative portrayal of a typical comic book with its interconnectedness allowing for different narratives which is entirely up to the viewer to create. You decide how this story starts and finishes. With every reading potentially changing the narrative. Based on your discretion.

(Drumsticks included with painting)

(Authentic Dr Strange comic book panels)

  • Dimensions: 91cm x 91cm

SGD 1,111.00

Khaitama D. Sun


Inter-disciplinary artist Khairul Anwar Bin Fazlur Rahman aka 'Khaitama D. Sun' works with percussion and visual arts - coined 'Playnting' - and has performed and showcased his work in Berlin, Bangkok, Olongapo and Singapore. Since 2016, he has experience in working with youths-at-risk, people with special needs, cultural and inter-faith communities. Khaitama devises participatory events as artist and facilitator to inspire and empower people via rhythms of self, sound and colour for unity. 

Founder of the 'Playnting' technique and philosophy, Khaitama visualises rhythm by simultaneously creating music and painting an artwork with drumsticks. 

Playnting is "Visualising the Rhythm of Art, Internal Self and External World"!

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