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高风峻节(12) by Kampung Senang

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Size: 4尺对开, 34 x 138 cm


About the artist: 吴岳秋/Wu Yue Qiu

He is a lin-nan style painter, graduated from Tianjin Shenzhou Painting and Calligraphy College.

He is the only disciple of the famous lin-nan style painter Liu Chun Cao.

His works were used as postcards distributed throughout China.

His works are avidly collected by prominent figures both in China and internationally. Some include John William Ashe, a diplomat, the general secretary of the general assembly of the United Nations, and the former President of San Marino.

  • Height: 34 cm\nWidth: 138 cm
  • Frame included
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Kampung Senang


Established in February 1999, Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation (Kampung Senang) is an eco-conscious charity with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status reaching out to serve all people regardless of cultural or religious background through compassion-filled charity programs and education on holistic environmentally friendly lifestyles. Kampung Senang represents the Global Village of Inner Peace, a place where harmony, beauty, and unity prevail.

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